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Welcome to the Comp Parts Web Store ("Store" and / or "Comp Master")


Computer Parts Store invites users to visit to purchase products through the virtual store used to purchase products by Internet surfers in Israel.

The Compartes office is located at 6 Guy Oni Street, Ashdod. Customer Service Center at 08-3740103.

These Terms of Use will apply to any use and purchase of this Website by you in the Store. The Bylaw is a binding contract between you and Comp Matser for all intents and purposes.

Terms and Conditions may change from time to time and the Store retains its right to update Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion. Please be sure to keep up to date with the policies before buying on the site.

All prices on this site include VAT.

The right / kosher to participate in sales conducted on the site

Any User who meets the Terms but may sign up for the Website to make purchases:

The user is competent to take legal action, in a manner and scale that corresponds to the actual purchases made. The user declares and confirms that he is qualified to make the purchases and may contact them with the store.

If the user is a minor (under the age of 18), the user declares and confirms that the purchase he / she is seeking to make is the type of actions that his / her minor age performs and / or has obtained the consent of his natural and / or legal guardian to make.

The user has a valid Israeli identity card or a legally incorporated and registered corporation in Israel.

The user has an e-mail cell on the Internet and has an address in Israel.

Reservations over the Internet

You can order products through a website at by filling an order form after adding the products to the shopping cart. After the full payment, a sales representative will contact you via phone, email or SMS. The order is considered valid only after a full payment arrangement and invoice is issued on the transaction.

Billing will only take place after order confirmation. The transaction will not take place between the ordering party and the store, if the charge is not made. Once you place an order you will be notified by phone, email or SMS. The Compart Store reserves the option not to place an order and cancel an order at its discretion.

For each product or service offered on this site for sale, a sales page is displayed. The sales page includes the name of the product or service offered for sale, the product price includes VAT and the shipping price includes VAT.

The images shown on the site are for illustrative purposes only. There may be differences between the appearance and product specifications and the appearance in the image. In the event of a conflict between the actual specifications and the data, they are subject to the manufacturer's definitions including size / volume, measurement, test methods, test conditions, technical data and any other data given by the manufacturer / importer.

The warranty for each product is in accordance with the warranty certificate and / or registered on the invoice for each product under the terms of the importer / manufacturer. When making a purchase with the delivery of the service is not necessarily on the customer's site but as indicated on the warranty card. The Warranty Terms are governed by the Warranty Certificate Terms and / or registered on the invoice as per the Importer / Manufacturer Terms.

You can also place an order / purchase from a branch in Ashdod. Not all products displayed on the site are available in immediate delivery at the branch. Product availability can be found at 08-3740103 or email

You can place an order through the site with pickup from the Ashdod branch and receive an SMS and email when the order is ready for collection at the branch.

The prices, promotions, and everything listed on the site and on the product pages listed are valid until the end of the work day only.

Transactions in excess of NIS 600 are contingent upon the shipping destination address and cardholder's phone number being identical to the credit company's details and store approval. Comp Parts may, at its discretion, cancel a transaction when there is concern that the purchase consideration will not be received.

In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit companies, the executor will receive an appropriate notice within 96 hours and the order will be considered canceled.

payment options

Credit card - Credit cards can be paid up to 12 interest-free payments, with each payment at least NIS 250. Credit cards can be paid including tourist credit cards from American Express, Visa, Isracard, MasterCard, Diners and Discovery

Bank transfer - You can pay by bank transfer to the Comp Parts store account. The product will provide after receiving a complete approval for payment from the bank. The store bank account information can be obtained when ordering the product.

Payment by PayPal

Privacy of users browsing the site

To place an order, the customer will be asked to enter personal details such as: e-mail, full name, address, telephone and more. This information is required to complete the order on the website. This information will not be disclosed to a third party, except in cases where the store will be legally obligated, court order or authorized authority.

Information that includes payment method data is not stored, stored or recorded in Compart's information systems, but is stored in the information systems of a company that specializes in providing such services and has a PCI standard.

Transaction cancellation and return policy

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law 1981 and its regulations, a customer may cancel a transaction and return products purchased on this site. The customer must inspect the product immediately upon receipt upon delivery. Or at the time of delivery, a document containing the transaction data and other data in accordance with the law (hereinafter: the "Disclosure Form") .If a customer has not received the disclosure form, the customer must inform the Compartes Store as soon as possible of not having the disclosure form available to him.

In accordance with the law, the cancellation notice can be sent from the day of the transaction to the end of 14 days from the date of delivery of the product or from the date of receipt of the disclosure form, whichever is later. The cancellation notice must include the full name of the ordering party, address and telephone and must be delivered in writing to the store (including e-mail and / or fax).

Product cannot be returned without original product packaging.

In the event of cancellation of a transaction and subject to the provisions of the law, the Compa Parts Store may deduct cancellation fees from the amount paid by the customer (5% of the transaction value or NIS 100 less than their son). In addition Comp Parts may deduct clearing fees.

The right to cancel the transaction to